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About Us

NTSE Mantra is an online service portal for students who are in class IX or X and aspiring for NTSE Scholarship. This portal focuses on online practice of Mental Ability and Social Studies subjects in form of short online assignments.

NTSE Mantra offers services in two forms –

  1. NTSE Mantra Cloud
  2. NTSE Practice Assignments

NTSE Mantra Cloud

This is an Online Academic Cloud in which students can create Assignment Sessions on the topics they have already studied. In each Assignment Session randomly by a predefined algorithm several assignments will be created on the topics selected by the user which can be attempted online one after another.

NTSE Practice Assignments

This is a section on NTSE Mantra where students can attempt several preset assignments online on various topics of the subject for the topics they have studied.

NTSE Mantra is an online platform which offers online practice of more than 6000 objective questions on Mental Ability and Social Studies focused toward preparation of NTSE.